Organizing/Scientific Committee

Founder: Dr. Stephen Fafulas (University of Mississippi, Department of Modern Languages)

Co-Founder: Dr. Daniel O’Sullivan (University of Mississippi, Chair of the Department of Modern Languages)

Dr. Simone Delerme (University of Mississippi, Department of Sociology and Anthropology and Center for the Study of Southern Culture)

Dr. Kathryn McKee (University of Mississippi, Director of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture)

Dr. Karina Zelaya (Mississippi State University, Department of Classical & Modern Languages and Literatures)

Dr. Chad Howe (University of Georgia, Department of Romance Languages and the Department of Linguistics)

Dr. Diego Pascual y Cabo (University of Florida, Department of Spanish & Portuguese Studies)

Dr. Nina Moreno (University of South Carolina, Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultures)

Dr. Rafael Orozco (Louisiana State University, Chair of the Department of World Languages, Literatures &  Cultures)

Dr. Erin O’Rourke (University of Alabama, Department of Modern Languages and Classics)

Dr. Aris Moreno Clemons (University of Tennessee Knoxville, Department of Modern Foreign Languages & Literatures)

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